Since 1985
In the quiet beauty of upstate NY
"intimate. collegial. challenging"

A maximum of twelve musicians are invited to participate.

Six hours of practice six days a week is the goal of each marathoner.
You will learn how to manage your work to avoid injury.

Each participant receives three one-hour lessons each week from Burton Kaplan, Professor of Violin & Viola, Manhattan School of Music. If you're wondering how a string player can empower other instrumentalists read on.

Two workshop seminars each day feature unique ways to increase your technical and artistic command; topics are custom tailored to the needs of each individual. Each workshop is videotaped for the insights that evolve from immediate re-viewing.

Mock auditions and solo performances are arranged whenever you need an audience.

Conversations with colleagues will stimulate your imagination and provide invaluable feedback.

Self observation while practicing and performing is available daily through audio and video recording.

The Farm has an eclectic library of books and magazines on instrumental technique and the psychology of performance, as well as audio and video recordings of great performances in all formats.